10 Unforgettable Headbangers Prom Moments

In 1987, MTV released the iconic Headbangers ball at the height of the heavy metal movement. It quickly became the destination of choice for anything heavy, even helping to make grunge the mainstream in the early ’90s.

When Nirvana appeared on the show in 1991, Kurt Cobain wore a yellow ball gown. “His Headbangers ball, so I thought I would wear a dress, “Cobain said, before pointing to Krist Novoselic and adding,” He wouldn’t be wearing his tuxedo. He didn’t give me a blouse either. “At least I asked you to come out,” retorted the bassist.

One of Axl Rose’s rare interviews was given to Ball shortly after the release of Appetite for destruction. “We were hired to be the bad boys and we were the bad boys, and now all of a sudden we have to be respectable and good businessmen,” Axl said of the new mainstream hit of the group. He also told a funny story about a feud with a crappy sound guy at one of the band’s concerts.

Perhaps the most memorable episode of Headbangers ball was when Alice in Chains went to Action Park with Riki Rachtman. Or maybe it was when the host went bowling with Soundgarden? You’ll see moments from both of these shows and more in the highlights list below.

10 Unforgettable Headbangers Prom Moments

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