2021 Network Security Use Case


The importance of network security should never be underestimated. In today’s world, there is no room to be lax when it comes to network security.

This is what the growing number of large-scale cyber attacks which are more and more widespread.

Here we highlight the capabilities of several major network security providers through case studies in all industries:

4 network security case studies

1. Network security: Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks is a global cybersecurity company serving the network security needs of many customers. They also need these same services. They have, for example, deployed zero trust internally to ensure the protection of their digital sphere. To do this, they used a five-step strategy that involved the following:

  1. Define the protection surface
  2. Map transaction flows
  3. Building a zero trust architecture
  4. Create a zero trust policy
  5. Monitor and maintain

By implementing this zero confidence solution, Palo Alto Networks has joined the companies they serve to secure their network.

2. Internet Service Provider (ISP): NexusOcean

NexusOcean provides internet services to offshore energy and shipping companies. Their service must be reliable and secure. To ensure the security of its network, NexusOcean has integrated Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN into its offer. With this configuration, they are able to offer customized security capabilities to protect clients’ network traffic. This is all the more important as ships are increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks, including the engine room and navigation equipment. Fortinet’s SD-WAN solution, combined with FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer, provides fast Internet access that meets highest maritime standards for network security.

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3. Sports: Major League Baseball (MLB)

Major League Baseball goes above and beyond to ensure fans a fast, stable and secure streaming experience. MLB has partnered with Okta to make it a possibility, using solutions such as a zero trust framework. Additionally, with Okta’s technology, Major League Baseball is able to have a consistent layer of security throughout the organization. By working with Okta and implementing its Zero Trust Framework, MLB not only improved safety at all associated baseball clubs, but was also able to deliver a more streamlined customer experience. They were also able to free up development resources which can now be dedicated to other development issues.

4. Museums: Natural history museum

The Natural History Museum in the UK is one of Britain’s most popular tourist attractions and a major operation. In the past, their approach to security was disjointed and they needed a solution to unite everything related to privacy. With by OneTrust Technology and services, they have been provided with a centralized access point for critical data protection tasks. The museum is now able to access tasks, such as record keeping and assessments, from a central hub. Additionally, employees better understand the importance of privacy in their roles, which helps improve privacy compliance and network security at all levels.

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