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The love of music can transcend genre boundaries and bring together all kinds of talented musicians who would otherwise never be seen or heard sharing a stage or recording studio. Sometimes these collaborations make perfect sense, and other times they are real headaches.

To compile a list of 25 particularly unlikely – in fact, bizarre – musical collaborations, 24/7 Tempo examined lists of curious couples appearing on a wide range of general interest, culture and music websites, including Rolling stone, NME, BuzzFeed, The reminder, Open culture, Riot party, The copper, Radio X, The whistle, ListVerse, and Digital spy.

There are a lot of reasons for musicians to collaborate. Crossovers can give artists the opportunity to experiment with their sound and explore new styles. They can also make headlines and attract new fans and listeners. See, for example, these top musical collaborations that reached number 1.

One of the most common types of musical collaboration in recent years has been the appearance of hip-hop artists on country songs – the most famous, but hardly the first, the example of which is “Old Town Road” , the megahit of Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus. But classical musicians sometimes like to work with rock or jazz artists, and old-school pop singers have been successful in pairing up with their modern counterparts. (Here are the 25 most iconic musical duets of all time.)

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If you search for some of the recordings listed here, chances are you’ll end up wondering what the attendees might have thought at times – but other times, maybe the majority, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how great the talents are. musical styles are disparate. can mesh.

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