3 tips for new musicians by John Walsh


From playing with musical notations to creating his own composition, John Walsh has set an example for all emerging musicians. His take on music was that if you have the talent and the strength to work hard, then no obstacle can stop you from achieving your desired goals. Here are 3 tips from John’s inspiring journey:

  1. Enjoy what you do

The most important step in creating amazing art like John’s music is to love the work you do. Good music comes from dedication and enthusiasm. If you pursue a career in music purely for the purpose of winning or becoming famous, you will not last long in the industry. Even if you like the idea of ​​being a musician but don’t like working on it, you will eventually not be able to give your best. As John suggests, “If you like to play guitar, then play it. If you like to write songs, write them. If you like to sing and play at the same time, then do both together ”

  1. Practice

The famous saying “practice makes perfect” fits perfectly when it comes to making music. Even someone with the greatest talent won’t be able to make great music if they don’t practice it enough. As John was always very attached to his music, he spent hours alone in his studio to find his musical style. Even when he felt he had performed well, he would continue to try to improve in his spare time. As a result, John got a good understanding of his talents and how he could improve his job. He believes the practice will not only help hone your existing skills, but also help musicians develop new ones.

  1. Never lose hope

Every musician has faced a bundle of disappointments along the way. These include issues such as production delays or budgeting issues that can interrupt the work process. While there are ways to overcome these issues with the help of a good team, difficulties such as criticism and hate on social media platforms can affect the sanity of an already struggling musician. This dismay can get worse if they don’t have the self-confidence to back it up. So John advises never to give up hope in such circumstances. Even if a musician works to connect with their fans, a negative comment shouldn’t ignore all the praise. Therefore, it is very important to know your potential skills and talent so that one negative point does not nullify your efforts.

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