A health ingredients company’s mission to improve lives globally


Inside the Bottle partner OmniActive is committed to improving the health of people and the planet through its innovative research-backed products and its Improving Lives Foundation mission. We spoke with Rushva Parihar, Corporate Social Responsibility Expert and Head of the Improving Lives Foundation, about how OmniActive is approaching sustainability, community empowerment initiatives and partnerships with farmers around the world.

About Rushva Parihar:

Rushva Parihar is a consultant specializing in corporate social responsibility and sustainability for the private and public sectors. Its work focuses on raising awareness and implementing solutions to social and environmental issues to help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Rushva has worked closely with various organizations and governing bodies, both in India and around the world. He has been a representative and member of several United Nations programs, including the ECOSOC Youth Forum, the Youth Assembly and the Youth Climate Summit, where he advocates for positive action in support for the SDGs. Additionally, Rushva has been a mentor for the professional development program at Brunel University in London, TEDx speaker, SDG Talent at the UNLEASH lab and Global Shaper with the World Economic Forum.

Rushva currently heads the OmniActive Improving Lives Foundation. He holds an MSc from Brunel University in London and is currently pursuing an Executive MSc in Social Design and Innovation at the University of Pennsylvania.

You can find more information about the OmniActive Lives Improvement Foundation at omniactives.com under the About Us tab, or you can contact OmniActive directly at [email protected]


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