Ajminur Oarish, the beginning musician, mesmerizing everyone with moving creations


It is said that “where words fail, music speaks”. Music is known to have the power to connect people across borders, languages, generations and points of view. Good music is bound to find a place in everyone’s heart, whether or not the person understands the language in which it is created.

From Lata Mangeshkar to Celina Gomez and Shakira to boy group BTS have found their place in millions of hearts surpassing any boundaries and limits anyone could have thought of. Ajminur Oarish, a young musician from Bangladesh, draws inspiration from all the great musicians of different generations. The music composer, singer lyricist and entrepreneur entered the musical world with a bang.

Ajminur Oarish’s debut album “Feelings of Ecstacy” features 12 moving singles. He wrote all the songs. Her words and her voice grab everyone’s attention. Her first song, ‘Desperated space’, released on June 21, 2021, received rave reviews. Ajminur has become a known face among the young generation of Bangladesh with his debut album itself. People have already started asking for his next album. He is a verified artist on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, and other music apps.

Born in Khulna, Bangladesh, Ajminur Oarish has been passionate about music since childhood. He says music has incredible power. It has always motivated me to be who I want to be. Music gave me incredible confidence to dream and be successful. “He started to create music with minimal support. He says I uploaded my first song to YouTube with just a mobile and a microphone. , nothing else. I was confident in my talent. A few months, views and tastes poured in. I believe in today’s world, if you are dedicated, your talent will not go unnoticed. digital world and social media have been of great help to our generation. “

Ajminur Oarish is also an entrepreneur, he is the founder and CEO of “Ajminur Orish Music”, the company he founded in 2020 with the vision to provide a platform for talented musicians who are struggling to get the platform to. release their music. He says: “There is a huge talent around. Young people are having a hard time getting the platform to release their music because the big platforms avoid relying on new artists. I want to help them by offering them a decent and honest platform where talent and music are the only criteria. “

Ajminur believes that music has the power to change people. It teaches self-love, humanity and positivity. He says, “A musician has the power to change thoughts. In the past, we have seen that he also influenced to bring about revolutions. Great poets, singers and musicians have proven it. I will always be happy if I can make even a small positive change in one person. I will continue to create music with this motivation. “

Ajminur Oarish accomplished a lot at a young age, but he says: “I am only at the beginning of my career. I want to do a lot for music and a talented musician in the future.” He is happy. the kind of response. her debut album is harvesting, and listeners are emotionally connecting with her music. His suggestion to talented millennials is, “Don’t give up because other people want you to do it, or you feel like you are missing something. Work on your shortcomings and excel with confidence. God only helps those who do. who help themselves. “

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