All the looks from Wales Bonner Fall/Winter 2022

The best collections are those capable of conveying a feeling without words. When you see a collection like this, you instantly understand: it’s the visuals, the fabrics, the silhouettes behind this atmosphere. Something you never thought would fit into clothes is suddenly in front of you. In the case of Wales Bonner’s Autumn/Winter 2022 collection, the feeling is “Together” and the understanding is immediate.

Inspired by Don and Moki Cherry, an artistic couple known for their experimental indoor and outdoor musical performances in 1970s Sweden, Wales Bonner presents garments for many contexts and occasions, all involving unity. in the soul. A family gathering around the kitchen table. A couple hang laundry on a washing line in their garden. Friends relax on the couch on a lazy Sunday afternoon. By creating clothes in a range of categories – evening wear, knitwear and activewear – Wales Bonner opens our imagination to a range of possibilities.

The influence of 70s fashion is omnipresent in the aesthetic of the collection. An earthy brown-orange color palette, plaid skirts and coats, and (upgraded) Mary-Janes are just a few of the touches that give the collection its retro vibe. The setting for the lookbook images for “Togetherness” is the interior and backyard of a generic house, stripped of any telltale technology that would indicate its era. Likewise, the collection’s accompanying short “Hold” places her garments in a variety of spaces that evoke domestic and everyday life. Directed by Steven Traylor, the film intercuts shots of people hugging, holding hands and generally together with footage of their suburban surroundings. A recital of poems by musician Caleb Giles adds emotional power to this imagery.

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Of the 25 looks in the collection, the most notable are those that reflect their artisanal nature. Stunning hand-crocheted dresses reflect the world around them in reflective circles. The mirror pattern is found on other pieces, such as a pleated skirt and pajamas. Cotton made in Burkina Faso, West Africa lends a lush look to multi-colored sweaters. The footwear in the collection continues Wales Bonner’s collaboration with Adidas Originals, from the reimagined Gazelles to the aforementioned brocaded Mary-Janes. The recycled cashmere tracksuit adds to the sporty vibe.

Alumnus of Central Saint Martins, designer Grace Wales Bonner has been one to watch since launching her eponymous label in 2014. With a host of prestigious awards and high-profile collaborations under her belt, she continues to prove that she is a important voice in menswear and beyond. “Togetherness” renews his long career of exploring what luxury is. It also serves as a necessary reminder that clothes don’t make sense in the vacuum of fashion shows and flat images on website galleries. They are informed by where we wear them, who we wear them with, and how they make us feel when we put them on. It is in this other type of unity, between the garment and the one who wears it, that the true meaning resides.

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