Ancient UGLs invited to make an inventory of cultural goods


CULTURAL PROPERTIES. Ancient singer-songwriter / composer Dante Beriong (left) and Sammy Rubido receive a guest during the Kapitolyo market in December 2020. The Provincial Council of Antiquities passed an ordinance on April 22, 2021 requiring local governments to have an inventory of their cultural property, including songs, for conservation. (Photo courtesy of Antique PIO)

SAN JOSE DE BUENAVISTA, Antique – Local government units (UGL) from Antiquity are mandated to maintain an inventory of their cultural property for protection and preservation.

Former member of the provincial council, Errol Santillan, chairman of the committee on history and cultural heritage, said in an interview on Tuesday that they had approved on April 22 an ordinance obliging all local authorities to keep an inventory of cultural property, known as the local cultural database. , under their jurisdiction.

“The ordinance complies with Article 2 of Republic Law No.10066, known as the National Cultural Heritage Law of 2009, which prescribes the protection, preservation, conservation and promotion of the heritage. culture of the nation, its property and history, and the ethnicity of local communities, ”he said.

Cultural property, according to the ordinance, “means all the products of human creativity by which a people and a nation reveal their identity, including churches, mosques and other places of religious worship, schools and specimens and sites. of natural history, whether public or private, movable or immovable, tangible or intangible. “

Santillan said the ordinance, now with Governor Rhodora J. Cadiao for signature, is also in favor of Joint Memorandum Circular 2018-01 of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts and the Interior Ministry and of the local government which directs all local communities to keep a local inventory of cultural goods.

“The local inventory of cultural goods is also one of the evaluation criteria of the Ministry of the Interior and Local Governments for the seal of good local governance for local communities,” he said.

Santillan sponsored the ordinance because of the many cultural properties of antiquity, such as songs in the local dialect, which must be preserved.

Antiqueño composer Sammy Rubido said in a separate interview that his song “Napulo ka Kadatuan” (Ten Datus) tells about the first Malay settlement in Antique where they established the country’s first barangay.

“The song must be preserved because of its cultural and historical significance,” said Rubido.

He added that songwriter / composer Dante Beriong’s song, “Kabuganaan” (Abundance), is a cultural asset of the province because it tells of how beautiful and richly blessed the Ancient is.

Beriong is best known for composing the 1998 Philippine Centennial Theme Song, “Mabuhay Ka Pilipino”.

Santillan said that with the inventory of cultural goods comes the creation of the Cultural Heritage Unit under the Provincial Office of Tourism and Cultural Affairs of Antiquity which would maintain the local cultural database.

“The Cultural Heritage Unit will ensure the safeguarding of historic properties by increasing awareness of cultural heritage, especially in local communities,” he said.

The cultural heritage unit will also identify and provide information on all available cultural resources, which will be essential in formulating local laws and providing guidelines for the declaration of significant cultural property, Santillan said. (PNA)

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