Bubblebee helps Herbert Verdino capture great sound at altitude

Bubblebee helps Herbert Verdino capture great sound at altitude

Bubblebee helps Herbert Verdino capture great sound at altitude

Denmark – Sound engineer Herbert Verdino has made good use of Bubblebee Industries’ high-quality sound tools and audio accessories during recent filming projects in the Austrian Alps.

While working on the Austrian-German crime drama Der Pass, Verdino had to deal with remote mountainous locations, as well as the impact of cold and wind on the audio he was capturing and his sound equipment. . This is where Bubblebee products such as Microphone Wind Covers (The Windbubble) and Concealers (The Lav Concealer) come into their own.

“Bubblebee products are incredibly well made and I’ve been using them for several years now,” he says. “Reliability is so important when you’re there, and because they have such a comprehensive product line, the odds of finding something to fix a problem increase dramatically.”

For the second series of Der Pass (aka Pagan Peak), which is currently airing on Sky, Verdino used Bubblebee’s virtually invisible IFB Sidekick in-ear monitors. These communication earbuds feature a unique micro-driver that fits comfortably and invisibly in the ear canal, eliminating the need for an acoustic tube outside the ear and providing a good alternative to earwigs. Because they are so small and light, they can also be worn comfortably for hours.

“The Sidekick IFB monitors are absolutely brilliant and have become a mainstay of my audio kit,” says Verdino. “They are very low profile and the Sidekick 3 can be easily switched from left ear to right ear to accommodate different camera positions. While filming Der Pass, my OP boom and script loved the Sidekick because its sound quality was so good for such a light and tiny earbud.

Co-created by Cyrill Boss and Philipp Stennert, who also wrote and directed the show, Der Pass is inspired by the Danish-Swedish series The Bridge and follows a very similar trope. Largely set in the Austro-German border area from Traunstein to Salzburg, it begins with a body that is discovered lying precisely on the border between Austria and Germany, resulting in a collaboration between German detective Ellie, interpreted by Julia Jentsch, and the Austrian detective Gideon, played by Nicholas Ofczarek. The second series also takes place in the mountainous border region.

“With some of the characters, there was an obligation to sing because they listen to music in their cars and they sing,” Verdino says. “There was one particular occasion where we were capturing a scene in a Land Rover Defender and everyone was crammed in: the actor in the front and the director, the camera crew and me in the back. Dominic Marcus Singer, who plays the villain on the show, was supposed to sing a song on the radio, so I put the song on my iPhone and hooked it up to the transmitter so I could give it the playback via the Sidekick Using this method, I was able to cleanly record his vocals during takes and it allowed for the song to be added as a post.

The first series of Der Pass, also recorded by Herbert Verdino, won the award for best sound at the German Television Academy DAFF (Deutsche Akademie für das Fernsehen) in 2019. The filming of the second series took longer than expected due to the COVID pandemic, but ultimately ended in late 2020. After that, Hebert was back in the mountains to capture Klammer’s audio, Chasing The Line, a feature film that tells the story of Austrian ski racer Franz Klammer and his victory at the 1976 Winter Olympics. Half of the film was shot in a studio in Vienna, but the rest was shot on the original 1976 ski slope in Tyrol, in Austria.

“It was another situation where I had to choose my equipment very carefully,” Verdino explains. “For the mountain scenes, we were shooting on ski slopes and slopes in a resort where there were also cable cars and snowmobiles, so the logistics had to be very well organized. However, I still had to put everything in a backpack. My equipment needed to be light enough to easily carry up the mountain, but enough to record up to seven actors. I took lavalier microphones and two booms, as well as a Sonosax SX-R4+ and Wisycom wireless system, all stored in two bags.

Alongside his filmmaking work, Verdino also runs Filmzeug.at, an audio and video equipment rental business and online retail store, both of which stock Bubblebee products.

“When I’m not filming, I focus on rental and online business, which means there’s always something to keep me busy,” he says.

Bubblebee helps Herbert Verdino capture great sound at altitude Bubblebee helps Herbert Verdino capture great sound at altitude

February 18, 2022

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