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As the world of musical performance slowly returns to normal, the increase in the number of bands and artists is again being expressed in the world of music, as some musicians have recently purchased their first instrument in the last year. year.

Aaron Old, owner of Lanham Music store in St. Joseph, said that with the increase in extra time in the hands of some, some people have been fortunate enough to enjoy trying something a little different.

“The world of Covid has definitely created a whole new market for beginning musicians,” Old said. “It gave people the chance to try something that they might always have thought about doing, but never really had the chance to do.”

As the world suspended live performances and concerts in 2020, Old said his store saw a large number of new shoppers, compared to the regular crowd.

“The last year or a year and a half, I really haven’t seen a lot of professional musicians or the regular performers in town making their way,” Old said. “Fortunately for us, a lot of people have taken this time to indulge in a new hobby and learn to play a new instrument. “

While things are slowly returning to normal in the music world, there are still things weighing on the day-to-day operations within instrument supply in the industry.

“We have supply issues right now, which isn’t too crazy, it just pushed back some of our orders on some items,” Old said. “It just shows us how much of an impact Covid has had on everything and how difficult it is for some of these companies to get their raw materials. ”

After Lanham’s music had to move some of their lessons to a virtual setting in 2020, Old said it was a change that may well persist.

“We’ve moved a lot of our classes to a virtual setting in 2020 and it’s gone pretty well,” Old said. “It gave people a fair amount of access and freedom, you can still do the same today if that’s what people prefer.”

Those interested in learning more about the available lesson plans, as well as tips for a beginning musician, can find out more on the Lanham Music website.

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