Dr Scott Atlas: “Science has become politicized”

Former White House Coronavirus Response Team member Dr Scott Atlas claimed on Sunday that “‘science has become politicized’, adding that internal politics on the ground are ‘destructive’ and ‘it there is no transparency “.

He went on to say that “it undermines the validity of the research and their claims,” ​​and alleged that there is a “cabal” in science.

“There’s a kind of group of people, very powerful people in science who are at NIH, like Dr. [Anthony] Fauci and others in academia and scientific journals, “he told Sunday Mornings Futures.

“The prestigious grants, the way you are promoted in college is to have the NIH [National Institutes of Health] subsidies, ”Atlas continued. “You submit articles to these journals. The people who look at grants to get them accepted or not, to give you funding, are the same people at NIH and in the newspapers. ”

“It’s a cabal,” he continued. “They control the money, they control scientific money, they control everyone’s careers.”

NIH and White House spokespersons did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment on Sunday.

Atlas lambasted Fauci, Dr Deborah Birx and former CDC director Robert Redfield in a new book saying he was “disgusted” by their rejection of the scientific data he presented to them during the Trump administration.

In the book “A Plague Upon Our House” of which Fox News Digital obtained a preliminary copy, Atlas says he presented data and studies showing that schools should be reopened and that children are not major propagators of the disease. coronavirus, but were largely ignored by Fauci and other members of the team.

Speaking on Sunday with host Maria Bartiromo Atlas, said: “I would bring dozens of papers to the working group… 20 scientific publications and when asked for my opinion, I would review the data.”

He went on to say that when he “quoted the data” to the other members of the task force, “all I heard from them was either nothing or silence or just calling me an outlier” .

“And then they would run to the media and do this ad hominem attack stuff,” he continued, arguing that “there was no critical thinking there.”

“There was no quote from a study,” Atlas told Bartiromo. “In fact, they have never disagreed with each other.”


Last month, Atlas criticized Dr Birx for an “Orwellian” attempt to “rewrite history” after testifying before Congress.

Birx testified before the House selection subcommittee on the coronavirus pandemic earlier this month, saying former President Trump’s White House officials failed to take action to push mask wear. , social distancing and other mitigation measures that could have prevented thousands of COVID-19 deaths.

Birx has also reportedly criticized Atlas, saying he advocated letting COVID-19 spread through the population to achieve collective immunity. The New York Times reported that Birx said she has repeatedly raised concerns about Atlas’ positions and theories to other doctors on the task force.

Atlas, refuting point by point reports of Birx’s testimony about her role, told Fox News that his claim that he advised Trump to “let the infection spread widely without mitigation to achieve collective immunity “, telling Fox News that” is wrong. ”

“I never advised the president, the task force, or anyone else in Washington to let the virus spread,” Atlas said. “Dozens of my writings and interviews during my service in Washington have explicitly called for specific mitigation measures, including social distancing, extra hygiene and masks when they are not able to socially distance themselves, and a “targeted protection” means increased protection of those at risk, to allow safe opening and end the destruction of public health due to blockages. ”

Atlas argued that “the data shows that with natural immunity, people who have recovered from the disease not only have protection, they have better protection” than those who have been vaccinated, but have never had disease.

“This is something that has been known for decades,” he argued. “This is basic knowledge about viral infections, including coronaviruses.”

“Protection wanes with vaccine faster than protection against natural infection, so natural infection provides protection, significant long-lasting protection,” Atlas added.


“The United States bizarrely denies the science,” he said, adding that the country “denies the facts and that really shows an accusation of the leadership of public health in this country.”

Fox News’ Andrew Mark Miller, Brooke Singman and Andrew Murray contributed to this report.

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