EAZYBAKED distorts minds on ‘INTERTWINED’

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EAZYBAKED takes listeners on a stylish and experimental bass journey with their biggest project yet, INTERLACED.

EAZYBAKED remained one of the hardest working and most successful duos in bass music in recent years. Known for their heavily experimental style, they constantly push the boundaries of production while bringing some of the highest energy with them to live shows. This Florida-based duo of childhood best friends have created sounds all their own – and now with their debut album, INTERLACEDthey have proven how far their range can expand musically.

With eight original tracks and two collaborations, EAZYBAKED shared some of their most emotionally charged work in INTERLACED. “With so much alone time and so much change around us every day, it was the perfect time for us to take a step back and reflect on what our trajectory should be,” they said when asked about the making of the album. “It was just writing music that felt good and gave us an escape.” While their experimental sounds still shine bright, there’s no doubt that this release taps into their emotional side in a beautiful way.

The musical escape that is INTERLACED starts with “Interlace» and a long-awaited collaboration with Treesundermined.” These two tracks couldn’t fit more perfectly next to each other on the project, both giving off an earthy-experimental sound. “Intertwine” moves forward with glitchy, distorted elements and a vocal sample before the bass comes in full force. Then, Of The Tree’s signature nature-y melody meets a satisfying bassline from the duo on “Sapped”, effortlessly guiding listeners deeper into a bass-fueled state of bliss.

The previously released single “Let goarrives soon after and is one of the most impressive tracks on the album. Emerging the listener into its looping melodic escape, this track is a masterpiece that proves that experimental can absolutely be euphoric simultaneously. Of the, “Simulated“delivers a heavier, more wobbly sound before”Insulation” lowers the energy with its intro before some goofy elements are added to create an effect that will leave everyone stunned.

Ballast” is the second collaboration on INTERLACED and sees the duo team up with VTRE. The two artists’ styles go hand in hand, and fans may recognize this heavy radiator as an identification of VCTRE. Esoteric Tides to mix together. Another previously released single, “Capsule“, comes soon after with his punchy sound that EAZYBAKED has become known for.

Energy slows down a bit on “SOTE“, which offers a floating and pleasant melody before leading to heavier bass with “goon mentality.” Then the fence track on INTERLACED comes to the fore to create a perfect emotional finale. “distant voicesis a track that simply can’t be played once and the groovy beat alone makes it impossible to listen without shaking your head to the beat and a big smile on your face.

The mix of euphoric and wonky in INTERLACED shows EAZYBAKED’s incredible range of music and it’s clear after listening that the sky’s the limit for this duo. Discover the variety of sounds this duo has to offer by listening to their debut album on Spotify or your favorite platformand let us know your thoughts on this release in the comments.


EAZYBAKE – INTERLACED – List of tracks:

  1. intertwined
  2. Undercut (with Trees)
  3. Let go
  4. Simulated
  5. Insulation
  6. The East (with VCTRE)
  7. Capsule
  8. SOTE
  9. goon mentality
  10. distant voices

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