Emerging Orange Musician James Sutherland to Perform Tragically Inspired Song ‘Brother’ at Mortimers Wines | Daily Central West

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Breaking into the music industry is no easy feat, with most artists striving to keep every hard-earned dollar in the bank. However, for 19-year-old James Sutherland’s new song Brother, all pennies collected through every Spotify stream, musical concert, and all merchandise purchased go directly to the Black Dog Institute; a mental health research organization in Australia. With suicide being a leading killer of 15-24 year olds in Australia, the vibe of Mr Sutherland’s second song tries to sum up the narrative that sometimes it’s okay to not be well. “Brother was a song I wrote for a fellow student I went to school with who lost his twin brother to suicide in early 2021,” he said. “So this song is kind of for him – from his twin brother’s perspective – which was my own personal approach to trying to capture the elements of depression as best I could.” Giving listeners a dive into the world of indie folk sounds, Mr. Sutherland’s latest song comes from the back of his first track, Only One. “Most people my age are in the pop and rap genres, [Only One] mostly with people a little older than me, “he said. Post it ‘.”[Only One] is to be honest with how you feel; be honest with whoever you care about, or with friends who are afraid to tell a girl how they really feel, and miss out on something great. “Playing on his hometown soil is really good, and it’s still a great band, so I’ll be headlining Brother and performing more original songs, too,” Mr. Sutherland. “I love playing covers of songs and Cameron Sharp, he does a lot of covers too, so we ‘gonna get up together and play stuff that will be crowd pleasing.” With the remarkable indie folk muso vibes “old soul” Set to run in March of this year, Mr. Sutherland’s career in the music industry promises to be exceptionally promising. Tickets for the title show on January 22 are available from th the Mortimers Wines website, with the kick off of the evening from 6 p.m. until late.



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