Exclusive! “I get too emotionally and physically involved in everything I do” – Amit Sadh

As an actor, which always amused me Amit Sadh is that he just chooses the right roles. But this time, the actor really surprised me when he decided to take on the role of an iconic superhero and bring it to Indian markets. Well, in case you don’t know, Amit with actors Shweta Tripathi, Sharib Hashmi, Pooja Gor, Vrajesh Hirjee, Rajat Kapoor, Sarikaand many others have brought Batman to Indian markets under the leadership of Mantra Mudh. The show, Batman: Ek Charavyuh is an audio series streaming on Spotify India since yesterday. And while I love how the cast brought Gotham City to India with all its cultural flavors, I’m also smitten with Amit Sadh as Batman aka Bruce Wayne.

Recently I caught up with Amit Sadh for a quick chat on the same subject and also his other projects. And I couldn’t help but be impressed by the actor’s passion that was reflected in his every word.

Check out the motion poster here:

Sharing with me his first reaction to knowing how to play Batman, and the pressure that came with it, Amit said…

The first thing was disbelief. I feel like sometimes in life you just have to enjoy, I love my job and I’m in a phase of life where I want to enjoy things with process, hard work, commitment and discipline. It was something new and I wanted to take advantage of it. I give all the credit to Mantra, it literally put me in a crib. We just flipped into this studio, there was no pressure for anything. There was no deliverance for me that was his problem. From the way of having fun and the enthusiasm with which I undertook this, I am happy and happy to see that it went well.

Talking about getting on an audio series and playing an iconic superhero like Batman, Amit said:

Sometimes ignorance is bliss and being new to this stuff worked for me. I didn’t over-prepare or try to preserve my voice. I just went there for fun, I did everything a soundman wouldn’t do. Because I didn’t have the bias or the hangover of voice acting, in all honesty, I thought the camera was on, I felt it (the character). I didn’t raise my voice but internalized it. One thing that Mantra told me, and I also realized, is that these microphones hear you thinking.

He added further,

My experience with Mantra on creating Batman Ek Chakravyuh has been rewarding. I’m on a trip to have fun. It’s a big emerging market. Batman fans also have something new.

On his upcoming projects, Amit shared…

I’m not an overdoing person, I’m tired and exhausted. I get too emotionally and physically involved in everything I do. The breath takes a year to make, so there’s not too much, Breathe in the shadows is coming, and we still have a week of work left which we will finish in two weeks. There’s an independent film I’m doing about ice speed skating that’s being edited. It’s a very special movie.

I’ve always loved the impact Amit brings with each of his characters and even with Batman, the weight Amit added to his voice has already got me hooked on the audio series.

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