Experimental musician Claire Rousay makes you listen to everything

Prolific experimental percussionist and electronic musician Claire Rousay has created a sprawling body of work that oscillates between noise and silence, music and abstraction. Its new version, Everything perfect is already there (out April 22 on Shelter Press), consists of two 15-minute ambient explorations that rustle and dissolve in sweet lyrical spasms. She is joined by the wonderful duo Marilu Donovan from New York Leya on harp, Theodore Cale Schafer on piano, Mari Maurice on electronics and violin and Alex Cunningham on violin. Rousay previously collaborated with Cunningham on 2020’s slam and abrasive Specifically water (astral spirits), but Everything is perfect occupies the opposite end of its sonic palette – it’s a mix of classic and new age. Romantic sections reminiscent of Debussy rhythm and dream, then give way to thuds and silent mumbles, as if the performers had had enough of playing and had decided to get up and drag their instruments around the loft for a while. . Rousay treats conventional music and its absence as indistinguishable and equivalent in a way reminiscent of John Cage; you hardly notice the end of the album. I found myself listening to a neighbor pounding and a car go by on the street before realizing they weren’t part of the music. As the title suggests, Rousay makes music out of everything that is already perfect.

by Claire Rousay Everything perfect is already there is available through Bandcamp.

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