Former Nova Video Leader Turns To Horror Movie: The Junket


Former Nova Entertainment chief video officer Sean Bell used his experiences working in media to write and direct a horror short based on his experiences working behind the scenes in media.

Bell was joined in the “The Junket” project by cinematographer Matt Gorrie and sound engineer Michael Snitch, who is currently working on Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa, and has been the audio producer for numerous shows on prominent Australian radio stations such as Merrick. and Highway Patrol (SCA) The Grill Team (Triple M).

The Junket follows self-proclaimed celebrity interviewer and feminist Stan, who interviews the intimidating star of an upcoming vampire movie, Olivia Sarkin, when he hears something he shouldn’t hear while listening …

Bell would have had a lot of material to draw on in his time working with hosts like Fitzy and Whippa. During his time in the media, he has directed some of the world’s biggest celebrities. The Junket is not his first foray into cinema, and his previous film F Meat won the award for Best Australian Short Film twice and premiered at Fantasia, Montreal.


“The Junket” premiered at America’s largest and longest-running horror film festival, Screamfest on Sunday.

Locally, the film will premiere in a screening with the cast and crew at The Palace Verona Cinemas Sydney on November 10.

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