Guns N ‘Roses details physical editions of new song’ Hard Skool ‘


Guns N ‘Roses followed up their digital single “Hard Skool” by announcing physical releases – with bonus tracks – on CD, vinyl and cassette.

The four songs CD and cassette The editions, which will ship on February 25, also include recent studio single “Absurd” and live versions of “Don’t Cry” and “You’re Crazy”. (As of this writing, it is not known when the concert cuts were recorded.) seven inch black vinyl, which ships June 24 and includes a “Hard Skool” sticker, only features a live version of “Absurd” on the B side.

The last of the group launch of the merchandise, available on the group’s website, also offers a T-shirt, trucker cap and sticker pack.

Guns N ‘Roses released the digital “Hard Skool” on Thursday, less than two months after “Absurd.” Their latest track – written by Axl Rose, produced by Rose and Caram Costanzo – was originally recorded with the working title “Jackie Chan” during the band’s sessions. Chinese democracy LP. This earlier version was partially leaked online in 2006, followed by a full leak in 2019.

Fans have been expecting to hear a newly recorded “Hard Skool” for weeks on end, especially after guitarist Slash posted a TikTok video featuring members of Guns N ‘Roses checking out the song’s sound on stage.

“Absurd” also dates back to Chinese democracy sessions, evolving from a track titled “Silkworms” which was performed four times live in 2001 but ultimately left the LP. The revamped song, which Guns N ‘Roses performed at their August 3 concert in Boston, became the band’s first track to be released after their 2016 classic lineup reunion.

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Few bands have made an impact on rock ‘n’ roll like they have, and even fewer have withstood so many changes.

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