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Film by Kangaroo Island director Isaac Doman The art of autism was nominated in the student category at the recent South Australian Screen Awards.

SASA celebrates and promotes the best cinematographic works of the South Australian film industry. The awards are open to emerging screen professionals and practitioners.

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The 2021 Red Carpet Awards took place at the Mercury Cinema on Friday, November 26.

Isaac’s documentary “The Art of Autism”, which explores the world of Michael Need, a friend he met in his group of actors.

The documentary was originally made as part of Isaac’s classes at Media Arts Production Skills.(MAPS) film school in Adelaide.

“I feel jubilant, delighted, honored and humble to have my short doco nominated,” Isaac said of the SASA nomination.

“I want to express my gratitude to the MAPS community and the team involved for bringing this project to life.”

This team included cinematographer Brode Foscaro, first assistant director Jai Ruciak, sound engineer Alice Yang, with music composed by Brodie Muggeridge.

“I would also like to express my gratitude to Michael Need and his parents for allowing us to film them for the documentary. Honestly, I can’t stress enough that we couldn’t have made this film without them.

“In addition, I would like to warmly thank Lotte Sweeney and Kath Mcintyre for supporting me during production.

In addition, I would like to warmly congratulate all those whose films have been nominated for the SASA 2021. ”

KI FILMMAKER: Kangaroo Island filmmaker Isaac Doman is once again participating in the Focus on Ability Short Film Festival.  Photo provided

KI FILMMAKER: Kangaroo Island filmmaker Isaac Doman is once again participating in the Focus on Ability Short Film Festival. Photo provided

Isaac, meanwhile, still splits his time between Kangaroo Island and Adelaide.

He finished at MAPS last year and continues to make films and develop a number of projects.

He is also a member of the Company AT Theater Troupe in Adelaide and is still seeking employment in the film industry.

Company AT is an all-autistic theater ensemble that produces original works inspired by the autism experience, and that’s where Isaac and Michael first met.

Like his subject Michael in his latest film, Isaac too must overcome prejudice against disability to find meaningful work.

“I also have to overcome my anxieties and mental problems,” he said.

The Art of Autism Summary

As a young individual diagnosed with autism, Michael has his own talents and sees the world in a different light.

Unfortunately, society is a “social world” which can make life difficult for people with autism to understand social norms and how to fit in.

This film explores the world of Michael and his artistic creations and aspirations.

All he wants is to be accepted by the wider community and for his artistic abilities to be recognized.

He hopes that his dedication and remarkable skills will ultimately enable him to have a career.

But what changes can we all make, so that real inclusion and acceptance is truly felt by the autism community?

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