Karan Mally unlocks’ Livin ‘Lavida Lockdown’ web series


New Delhi, October 4 (IANS) Casting director Karan Mally co-created and starred in the new “Livin ‘Lavida Lockdown” web series.

Karan has been a casting director for films like “Toofan”, “Gully Boy”, “Made In Heaven”, “Dil Dhadakne Do”, to name a few.

In an exclusive conversation with IANS, Karan opened up about the making of “Livin ‘Lavida Lockdown”.

Karan said: “The web series is a 7 episodic slices of life series and it revolves around newly released couple Karan and Natalia who live together due to the nationwide lockdown imposed due to the spread of Covid-19 . Their bittersweet journey of discovering each other and in turn discovering a little of themselves. We have tried to make this as understandable as possible and as enjoyable. “

Karan’s wife Maanvi ran the show during the lockdown. Karan said: “Since everything was closed, there wasn’t a lot of casting work. Maanavi and I were sitting down one day and that’s when we came up with the concept. We decided to write something fresh and light. “

Developing further, he said: “Previously we thought we would do a small project, but when we started developing the script we decided to give it the required processing. We shot the whole series with only 5 members. team, including a sound engineer who took a team of 100. We had a lot of difficulty doing the show as most of the time is shot in the house, we had the added challenge of showing the house from different angles each time, to break up the monotony. “

Karan shared his experience of multitasking as an actor and creator: “Luckily there wasn’t a lot of casting so I was able to focus completely on the show. It was hard to do that of course because that we all played multiple characters as actors, producers, crew members, etc., so we knew we had to do our jobs well and handle other responsibilities. “


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