KY musician goes wild on “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” [VIDEO]

When it comes to music, I like all genres. I know, it seems not to be, but I find that I am drawn to music that moves me. Sometimes it moves my soul and other times it moves my body.

When I was a kid, my little brother and I used to organize air band concerts. We played for our family and our friends parents. We’ve played everything from Van Halen to Charlie Daniels to string quartet pieces. During the holidays we put out Christmas music.

It’s funny that none of us have ever really learned to play an instrument. Yet in our radio careers we are always very close to the music, but always on the borderline and never in the band. I still hope, one day, to learn to play the cello. It’s on my shield list.

When I came across this video a few years ago, I was blown away. It’s like Lacy Jean is my spiritual sister. The difference is that she is truly an extremely talented musician.

The video was the Owensboro Symphony Christmas concert a few years ago. Before watching the video, all I saw was an orchestra, a woman, and a violin. I thought, sure, let’s listen to some Kentucky vacation music pickin ‘and grinnin’. I was so wrong. Just because it’s Kentucky doesn’t have to be bluegrass or country. He can ROCK.

Here, she performed at a Christmas concert last year, with the Owensboro Symphony Orchestra. Prepare for the chills.

The incredible musician is Whitesville, Kentucky’s own, Lacy Jean.

I was dazzled. I have probably watched this video a hundred times. Merry Christmas!

Here she is playing the amazing violin with a possum on her shoulder.

When Lacy plays, it gives me chills. She also plays killer guitar and sings too. Like the!

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