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SILVER SPRING, Md .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Curiosity (Nasdaq: CURI), the global factual entertainment media company, today announced key original titles – including three new feature films – slated to premiere this fall on Curiosity Stream, the global television service. streaming of the company.

First, new episodes of the powerful series of biographies Beyond the spotlight, executive produced by Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way Productions, familiarizing himself with the intriguing people who capture our attention, fill our social feeds and shape pop culture. The first episode airs tomorrow, October 7.e, featuring a deep conversation with actor LeVar Burton. The series continues with YouTube superstar MrBeast (October 14) and NFL Hall of Fame Joe Namath (November 18).

“I couldn’t wait to team up with Curiosity because we share a mission: to remind everyone how exciting, challenging and fun it is to discover our world,” said Burton. “I love to learn, just like Curiosity Stream! ”

Curiosity will also expand its lineup of original feature films with the premieres of Bessie Coleman: Queen of Heaven, CEO of Sinaloa, and Become circular. These films follow on from HEVAL, Curiosity’s very first original feature film, available now on Curiosity Stream.

“In a year already filled with some of the most exciting and entertaining projects we’ve ever done, I’m really proud to kick off the past few months with some of our best to date, including a number of feature films. originals and an intimate look at the people who are really hot right now, ”said Rob Burk, Curiosity Original Content Manager. “We pride ourselves on exploring new formats, hot topics, and diverse and innovative storytelling spanning all factual content. ”

Coming from Curiosity Studios this fall to Curiosity Stream:

Beyond the spotlight

An original series of curiosity

Beyond the spotlight goes beyond fame to reveal the passions of celebrities on a mission to change the world. From breaking racial barriers in college to overnight stardom in Roots, the desire to make a difference is deeply rooted for LeVar Burton. After Roots has come Rainbow reading and Star Trek: new generation, projects he says represent the past, present and future of African Americans. YouTube Superstar Mr. Beast is known for his extravagant philanthropic stunts. Now, for the first time, he reveals the moving personal story that inspires him to help others. And later this year, Joe Namath – with an intimate portrait of his journey to help former football players cope with long-term brain trauma and their own experimental treatment. Produced by Appian Way Productions and Stephen David Entertainment. (3×60 ‘)

Royals: keep the crown

An original series of curiosity

Nothing really captures the world’s attention like the rise, fall and reign of royalty. From Queen Victoria’s attempts to unite Europe at the end of the Romanovs of Russia, to Princes William and Harry, this series explores the survival strategies of royalties through the ages in rare and unpublished archives, colorized for the first time. Produced by World Media Rights. (6×52 ‘)

The year that shook the world

An original series of curiosity

Relive some of the most iconic and extraordinary moments in recent history … stories that shaped politics, film, crime, science, fame, the arts, and more. From the New York blackout in 1977 to the first Space Shuttle launches in 1981, to Princess Diana against AIDS in 1989, Dolly the Cloned Sheep in 1997 and the Great Tsunami of 2004, here’s a living tour. and entertaining events that made the modern world. Produced by Off The Fence. (5×52 ‘)

Bessie Coleman: Queen of Heaven

An original curiosity film

Bessie Coleman was Amelia Earhart before Amelia Earhart – a revolutionary pioneer who paved the way for future generations. The first African-American woman to obtain a pilot’s license in America, she has grown from a farmer’s daughter to an international symbol of courage and determination. An inspiration for everyone, from the Tuskegee aviator to today’s astronauts… It’s the story of a true legend who never stopped fighting… or flying. Produced by Jupiter Entertainment. (1×90 ‘)

Become circular

An original curiosity film

Travel the world to find out how circularity is about to revolutionize the modern world. It is the story of four lives inextricably linked by an incredible concept: an economic system that eliminates waste and conserves resources. Unlocking the secrets of circularity, a new generation of visionaries are using the universal principles of nature to transform economies and, in so doing, save us – from ourselves. Produced by Off The Fence. (1×90 ‘)

To evolve

An original series of curiosity

Animal biologist and documentary maker Patrick Aryee takes viewers into a world of natural history and future science and technology with the potential to change the direction of the human species. Filming on 4 continents, To evolve explores how humanity seeks to solve many of its fundamental problems by “imitating” the incredible innovations found in nature. From the healthcare revolution to the transformation of transportation, each adventure will focus on a different challenge and demonstrate how nature, in its unprecedented genius, has already solved many of the problems we face today. Produced by Beach House Pictures. (6×52 ‘)

CEO of Sinaloa

An original curiosity film

Joaquin Archivaldo Guzman Loera. You know him as El Chapo – a ruthless drug lord who rose to fame for using clever maneuvers to escape capture. But Chapo isn’t just a dark and devious character. He is also a very successful billionaire entrepreneur with a business acumen that rivals America’s top CEOs. Starring Jack Riley, the DEA agent who spent three decades hunting El Chapo, the film explores the brilliant business mind of the man who built the most powerful illegal business the world has ever seen. known. Produced by Jupiter Entertainment. (1×90 ‘)

Eat me (or try not to)

An original series of curiosity

Take a trip around the world in this original and quirky series that reveals the incredible evolution of the foods we turn to the most. Each episode explores the untold stories and people behind the most iconic brands, the science that makes us want more and where our favorite foods are heading. From snacks to survival, meet the taste makers, trendsetters and marketing geniuses who feed the world. Produced by DBComm Media. (6×60 ‘)

Humboldt current

An original series of curiosity

Along the west coast of South America, Earth’s Perfect Storm brews the right ingredients to foster the most unique biodiversity. From the frozen south to the scorching north, follow this first-rate natural history series to explore the Humboldt Current, supporting the greatest creatures to ever live on our planet and helping life thrive in places it shouldn’t. not. Produced by VisionHawk and Prospect TV. (3×60 ‘)

History in numbers

An original series of curiosity

This hip, upbeat and entertaining series delves into the extraordinary numbers behind some of humanity’s most awe-inspiring events and awe-inspiring accomplishments. From the mind-boggling statistics behind international crime to the staggering impact of fast food and the technical details of King Tut’s tomb, these 20 episodes, one hour each, offer a unique focus on the scale of our collective history, offering endless surprises to take and breathtaking historical facts. Produced by Saloon Media. (20×46 ‘)

About Curiosity Inc.

Curiosity Inc. is the entertainment brand for those who want to learn more. The global media company is home to original and award-winning factual films, shows and series covering science, nature, history, technology, society and lifestyle. With approximately 20 million paying subscribers worldwide and thousands of titles, the company operates the flagship SVOD Curiosity Stream service, available in more than 175 countries around the world; Curiosity Channel, the linear television channel available through global distribution partners; and Curiosity Studios, which oversees the original programming. Curiosity Inc. recently completed the acquisition of One Day University, which provides access to engaging lectures and lectures from the best university and college professors in the United States. Curiosity Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of CuriosityStream Inc. (Nasdaq: CURI). For more information, visit CuriosityStream.com.

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