Lithuanian Debitum, which offers borderless financing to SMEs, reveals that its portfolio has crossed the € 4 million mark


Based in Lithuania Debit, which offers borderless financing to small businesses, recently revealed that it is happy to confirm that its users “trust” the platform.

Debitum also announced on March 29, 2021 that it had crossed the € 4 million mark in its portfolio. The management of the platform acknowledged that “without its investors, Debitum would not have reached this stage”.

However, this is “not the only occasion to celebrate”, the company Noted while adding that Easter is approaching and the Debitum team wants to surprise investors by introducing a special Easter campaign with Flexidea:

  • Deposit (only new deposits count) and “invest in Flexidea assets from March 29 to April 12 and earn 0.5% BONUS for all investments in Flexidea”.
  • Invite your friends “to join the platform, both earn a general bonus of 25 EUR, but for the one who invited the most friends, we will DOUBLE A CASHBACK! “

The Debitum team also noted that the campaign is currently “valid for all investments in Flexidea made from March 29 to April 12, 2021” and that the bonuses “will be awarded at the end of the campaign, after April 20, 2021”.

While sharing another quick reminder, the Debitum team said that Flexidea is their “trusted” loan originator who “has already paid back EUR 37,300 in interest to our investors and has the shortest and most liquid assets. “.

Debitum added that they are grateful to the platform’s investors and wish the next Easter to be “full of happiness”. Deposit, invest, invite your friends and “enjoy Easter with Debitum,” the company noted.

As covered Earlier this month, Debitum said that many people are now starting to understand that making smart investments can be a good way to save money for later or for larger purchases.

However, Debitum says companies or firms “rarely” think about investing their excess funds or assets. The alternative investment platform suggests that funds accumulated by companies be allocated efficiently.

Debitum wrote in a blog post that sometimes businesses need to take out loans, and there is also a time to start saving. When businesses need funds for investment or development initiatives, many may turn to a bank or other traditional finance institution.

But companies may also want to consider the “right” investment products that match their risk profile or requirements.

As Debitum noted, the platform’s investment data and discussions with clients reveal that dividends “constitute a large part of the funds invested.” This means that “following the shareholders’ decision to pay dividends, income tax at the rate of 15% has been paid and the amount that could have been invested has been reduced”.

Debitum adds:

“According to experts, instead of paying dividends, shareholders could accumulate this money and invest it later on behalf of the company. This would allow you to pay less taxes. While the investor would still have to pay an income tax applicable to their investment, this amount would be considerably less than the income tax applicable to the full value of the dividends.

As reported in February 2021, Debitum revealed that it now offers profitable investment tools.

As covered At the beginning of January 2021, Debitum revealed that at the dawn of the new year, he also had “something new”.

Debitum added that they had already informed their investors and business partners before Debitum applied for the investment company license in Latvia. The management of the company further noted that “due to the licensing of a new legal entity, SIA DN Operator was established in 2019 and the required documents have been submitted to the Latvian Financial Market Regulator, the Financial Markets and Capital Commission (FCMC) ”.

Added flow:

“We want to take a new step and move from a legal operator of the Debitum platform of the current platform operator, SIA Prosperitu, to the new legal entity, SIA DN Operator. This will give us time before we obtain the license to take the necessary steps with existing investors – the most important of which is to implement certain requirements for the protection of retail investors as specified by the European Union directive. on financial instrument markets (MiFID II). “

Debitum reports that a capital of 30.83 million euros has been planned for the investment (to date). According to the platform’s official website, the current average interest rate stands at 8.6% and there are 5,956 registered investors (as of January 2021). The current average repayment term is 213 days (as of January 2021).

Debitum notes that it only grants business loans. He says that “compared to consumer loans, they are much more favored by professional institutional investors.”

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