Loki’s madness is the future of punk! Siblings Ages 11-20 Drop First Single / Video “No Right”

Loki’s madness

Unique cover of Loki’s Folly “No Right” by Laura F. Bennett Art

Three Minneapolis kids went to a local music store to learn how to play their instruments. Now, they carry the torch of the legends of their hometown before them.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, USA, January 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ – January 1, 2022 For immediate release
Re: Loki’s Folly “No Right” Single Release Date: Jan. 7
Release date of the album “Sisu”: May 20

Loki’s Folly is an indie-punk trio made up of two young sisters and their little brother from South Minneapolis who love to play loud music that makes them happy. In the tradition of the Minnesota bands that came before them like Husker Du, the power trio produces a very big sound of their own.

When Loki’s Folly plays, they take you to a world that is unmistakably theirs. It’s a universe where influences like Sleater Kinney best meet the Swedish kulning tradition. In fact, their new single “No Right” features the kulning girls in the bridge for a very unique and in a way very punk rock effect.

Annie (20) plays guitar and sings. Nissa (15) plays the drums and sings. Oskar (11) maintains the bass with his bass guitar while perched on his amplifier. Each brings their own unique personality to the music and their sound is gelled by the mixing of the voices of their siblings singing together. The group was initially formed from children taking lessons separately at Twin Town Guitars. They started taking their classes together, and after a handful of sessions, Loki’s Folly was born!

It wasn’t long before people outside the practice space started to take notice.

Their energetic and passionate concerts have attracted a dedicated fan base of longtime Minnesota musicians. Soul Asylum, Run Westy Run, Haley, The Melismatics, Ryan and Pony, and Porcupine have all featured them on local shows for the past two years. Dave Pirner (Soul Asylum) even appears as a guest guitarist on an upcoming single “Appease The Girl”. They were also included in First Avenue’s best new bands showcase.

Then the buzz started to spread nationwide.

Todd Trainer (ranked among the 100 greatest drummers by Spin) of legendary independent group Shellac took note. Shellac, which also includes recorder Steve Albini and Bob Weston, then invited Loki’s Folly to join them on tour. The young group’s fan base began to expand beyond their hometown limits.
“No Right” (released January 7, 2022) is the official first single from the upcoming full album “Sisu”. The track also has an official music video.

“Sisu” will be released worldwide on May 20, 2022 and they will celebrate with a performance on the legendary First Avenue in Minneapolis on Saturday May 21 at the opening of Shellac.

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Loki’s Folly – “No Right” (Official Music Video)

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