Man charged with killing Tulsa musician, bar bouncer who caught him spotting cars to stand trial for first-degree murder | Crime News

Neil Blackwood, the regular client who dated Hull that night, testified that a man he identified in the courtroom as Bratton caught his and Hull’s attention within seconds of their exit.

Blackwood said he saw Bratton appear to be trying to get into Hull’s car and asked him to move away from the vehicles in the parking lot.

Bratton was chained and dressed in a black and white striped Tulsa County Jail jumpsuit as he sat in the courtroom. Assistant Public Defender Sarah McManes reminded Blackwood during cross-examination that he could not identify Bratton from a list of photographs when detectives first took him downtown for an interview, and he attributed this to the fact that he was still shaken.

Blackwood said he saw Hull walking towards his vehicle as Bratton was “taking off”, walking down the street with his back to the men, when Bratton turned around and pulled a gun from his belt.

Blackwood said he yelled “gun” and ducked, keeping his eyes on Bratton, when he saw the first muzzle flash in his direction. He said Bratton then pointed the gun at Hull and again discharged the gun.

Blackwood was unaffected, but Hull said he was, he said.

Blackwood said Hull returned to the side of the building before lying on the ground, where other customers rushed to help until rescuers arrived, after receiving the call around 1:20 a.m., according to an arrest and booking report.

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