Messy winter mix in store today for Upstate NY, and again on New Years Day


Syracuse, NY – A messy combination of snow, sleet and freezing rain is expected today across much of upstate New York, and New Year’s Day could be a repeat.

The national meteorological service emitted Winter weather advisories today for much of upstate New York east of the Finger Lakes. The advisories, which run from 1 p.m. today to 4 a.m. Thursday, include Binghamton, Syracuse, Albany and Watertown.

For central New York and the Southern Tier, about an inch of snow is expected, with ice frosting on top. Tug Hill could see 2-4 inches of snow with ice, and the Lower Adirondacks could see 5 inches of snow.

Snow totals could be removed by the mixture of sleet and freezing rain as temperatures hover just above zero until Thursday morning. It also means that hilltops are more likely to have snow and ice than valleys.

“Expect slippery road conditions,” warns the weather service. “Dangerous conditions could have an impact on the evening commute. “

The winter mix leaves early in the morning, but returns on New Years Day. This storm surge comes later than initially expected, and now freezing rain is more likely late in the day than in the morning.

“Unfortunately, we’re still looking at a freezing rain event, so far mainly in the afternoon and evening,” the weather service said.

Details are less clear on Friday’s storm, but it will likely bring a combination of freezing rain and sleet from Friday afternoon through Saturday morning.

Total precipitation on Friday is expected to be less than 1 inch, the weather service said, which should not cause flooding on Christmas Day, when up to 2 inches of rain fell and warm temperatures melted. heavy snow. Streams and rivers, especially in the southern part, reached flood levels last Friday and Saturday.

“The level of the rivers is now well below the flood level,” the weather service said. “The drop in levels will continue until Friday, so this amount of rain will not cause the river to flood.”

Areas shaded in purple are subject to winter weather advisories this afternoon through Thursday morning for a combination of snow, freezing rain and ice pellets.

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