Musician and vocal coach Jeanne Merchant releases new single


‘Round and Round’ is singer-vocal coach’s latest track urging people to have faith in humanity

Independent musicians have led the way in exploring endless opportunities during the pandemic. As a result, some of the best content, compositions, and collaborations have emerged. Musician and vocal coach for 12 years, Jeanne Merchant has chosen to come back with a single after her last track ‘Yeh Wadiyan’ released almost 17 years ago. Her latest song “Round and Round” sets her apart as a versatile artist with a unique voice and a natural flair for Western tunes.

The lyrics of ‘Round and Round’ reflect the grim situation in the world. “There are so many problems – Black Lives Matter, Asian lives, soldiers dying on the border, the Indochinese conflict, the Gaza issue,” says Jeanne. “I want to tell people that we have to have faith in humanity. These thoughts made me write this song.

Explaining why it took so long to get to ‘Round and Round’, Jeanne says, “I have been so busy with the singing lessons that I didn’t have a minute left in the day to focus on other things. During the pandemic, however, the few months before starting online vocal training were the perfect window of time and opportunity to compose, record and tour original material. “

Knowledge sharing

A highly sought-after vocal coach in Mumbai, Jeanne trains students of all ages. She thinks that teaching is a great way to learn. “I feel empowered to share my knowledge of music with my students and people who want to learn. I get calls every day to teach singing. People are interested in learning western singing and I see it makes them feel confident when they can sing a piece of music well. It makes me realize that my passion is real and makes me even more focused on my music.

Married to musician Salim Merchant, Jeanne says they are “reflective paintings” for each other. “I give my opinion when he plays his music to me and vice versa. I usually don’t like to go ahead with anything I’ve recorded or created without him listening to it first. We share our feelings about each other’s music and value contributions.

Jeanne is also an accomplished pianist and is ready to push the limits. “My music is unlimited. Be it Indian, Jazz or Pop, I am ready to step out of my comfort zone and sing in any language, style or genre. However, the challenge lies in creating compositions that break down clutter and clear the mind, admits Jeanne. “The biggest hurdle is creating something that most people can appreciate that is also unique and reflects your personality and your emotions. “

Fusion of genres

Jeanne points out that many independent musicians are trying to go mainstream and that the boundaries are blurred. “They are merging into each other’s genres and a new genre of music is emerging. It’s a big time right now because people listen to music in a very different way. I am satisfied with the way digital media and streaming platforms have enabled independent music to flourish. “

About her musical influences, Jeanne says: “I love the use of harmony, the new sound space that the world has been listening to especially for 18 months. The world has changed a lot because of what he’s been through and people’s musical choices have changed. This resulted in a different palette for creators and listeners. I think it’s a good mix of harmony, RnB, trap, hip hop, drill and indie music, all genres coming together. These are the things that inspire me and also influence my music.

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