Musician DaniLeigh charged with assault after Charlotte artist DaBaby called police

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina (WBTV) – Charlotte Police say detectives charged musician DaniLeigh with two counts of simple assault after Charlotte DaBaby music star called police in an early situation in the morning Monday.

At around 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, officers responded at East Stonewall Street with reference to a call for domestic assault.

Upon arriving at CMPD, DaBaby, real name Jonathan Kirk, told police he was assaulted by his girlfriend DaniLeigh, real name Danielle Curiel.

Based on the information available, police said they asked DaBaby to contact the magistrate’s office to file a complaint against DaniLeigh.

At around 9:35 a.m. on Monday, CMPD agents responded to a disturbance between DaBaby and DaniLeigh at the same location.

When police arrived, police said DaBaby told officers DaniLeigh assaulted him.

Following the investigation, police said DaniLeigh received a criminal summons for common assault.

CMPD agents also obtained additional information which led them to indict DaniLeigh with a second count of simple assault following Sunday’s incident.

According to a report from TheJasmineBrand, DaBaby and DaniLeigh have a young daughter together.

DaBaby and DaniLeigh have been active on social media all day, posting their own statements about what happened with the police situation on East Stonewall Street.

“I would like to quickly withdraw from any hostile behavior displayed a few moments ago. This thing here has gone far enough that Shawty collapses on her own and it saddens me because I still have a queen to raise, ”DaBaby’s statement read.

There were also videos circulating online of DaBaby behind a camera saying he was recording for his safety while DaniLeigh held a baby. DaniLeigh claimed that DaBaby asked her to leave the house they were in.

“Hey guys, since baby wants to put on a ‘statement’ with his cap (expletive), I’m going to put mine on … so we’ve been living together for three months since our baby was born … making us … and tonight he wants to come into the room to talk about “I have to go” no matter where I go … be careful … I have a newborn, “DaniLeigh’s statement read.

The two have been seen together often, with DaniLeigh appearing in DaBaby’s music video for “Masterpiece” released in early 2021.

The CMPD did not provide any further information on the situation.

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