Musician embarks on 1,000 mile bicycle concert tour for the environment


Sustainable transport is a key factor in healing the Earth and promoting a more environmentally friendly way of life. And who better to lead the way than public figures who have the power to influence others to follow their best practices.

Austrian musician Manu Delago is a popular London-based handpan player, drummer, composer and producer. He is nominated for the Grammy Awards, he has collaborated with artists such as Björk, Anoushka Shankar and others. But beyond his artistic career, he is also a passionate environmental activist.

The musician recently started a bicycle concert tour called 2021 ReCycling Tour and he plans to cycle 1,600 km across Austria to promote his latest single, ReCycling. The song combines electronic music with bicycle sounds and handpan percussion.

The tour will feature 25 shows performed over 35 days and kicked off April 30 in Tyrol, Austria. The last show of the tour will take place on June 2 in Innsbruck. Delago will be broadcasting many of its shows live to fans around the world.

He, his group and the technical staff will be riding their bikes to all locations on the tour. Instruments and musical equipment will also be transported in specially constructed bicycle trailers. The entire crew will use solar panels to generate electricity. As for catering, plastics are not allowed throughout the tour, as they aim to keep waste to a minimum.

Delago’s initiative is presented as a greener alternative to the conventional transport by bus and plane generally used by musicians during their tours. Delago hopes to inspire people around the world to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

The musician‘s project was well received and encouraged by his fans and other activists who offered to provide the crew with local, fresh and homemade food throughout their stops.

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