Musician Nasrene on the best and worst things about life in Joburg


Johannesburg – Following the success of her debut EP “Girl With Feelings” and her single “Parties In The Park”, musician Nasrene recently released her new track “Headspace”.

We’ve all had horrible dates. Tell us about the worst date you’ve ever had?

Haven’t had a terrible date yet, maybe I don’t have enough dates for this to happen so the chances are still low, but I have had some really unnecessary and unmemorable experiences which in my opinion are sometimes worse.

What are the three most popular items in your fridge right now?

Almond milk

Cheese (for cheese pizzas!)

Maple syrup (which I recently learned needs to be stored in the refrigerator)

Which South African musician has inspired you in your musical career?

Jérémy Buckles. Even though our musical styles are really different. I have always been inspired by how its authenticity can travel the world.

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You can only shop in one store for the rest of your life. Which store do you choose to shop at?

I have to be practical about this. So I’m going to have to go with a general purpose store like Makro. Get my bread and garden furniture all at once.

Your favorite item of clothing in your wardrobe right now is ….?

My big yellow sweatshirt. It’s warm and comfortable. I can not live without.

The meal that most reminds you of your childhood is …?

My moms kitchri (it’s a South Asian dish made with rice and lentils)

What’s the biggest misconception people have about you …?

I am always surprised when people say they are so proud of my fearlessness to pursue my dreams and to know exactly what I want. I have the impression that all is not true. Is there someone who is confident and secure? I think and contemplate my goal every day and wonder if I’m doing the right thing, and while I love travel, I’m not afraid of it.

The best and worst thing about living in Johannesburg is ….?

Best: good weather

Worse: no ocean to make the most of the good weather.

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Which actress would you play in a movie about your life?

Mm … I would like to try to be an actor and play myself ??? Is this allowed?

Which artist are you currently listening to in your car?

Nina Nesbitt. She is a songwriter, artist and producer. The complete package in my eyes.

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