musician pays homage to Marshall’s story with new song | News

American country musician Dale Watson didn’t grow up in Marshall, but has made the small town his home for the past two years.

He said the location of the Marshall Amtrak station and the town’s small town feel made it the perfect place for him and his wife, Celine, to settle down.

“We had been thinking about leaving Austin for a while. We wanted something a little more our pace, ”Watson said.

Watson is a world-renowned musician, repeatedly accepted into the Austin Music Hall of Fame, as well as the Texas State Musician of the Year award and appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live !, among many other commendations.

He said he has been playing music for as long as he can remember and has spent his life turning his passion into a successful career.

It was the pursuit of this career that led the couple to relocate to Marshall, due to the location of towns between Austin and Memphis – two towns that Watson said he traveled to quite frequently for his work via trains. Amtrak premises.

“I love the Amtrak, really,” he said. “Every Monday I drive him from Marshall to Austin, and do a show there, and then every Tuesday I bring him back. It’s one of my favorite things.

What Watson didn’t expect from his move, however, was Marshall’s rich musical history, which is known nationally as the homeland of boogie-woogie music.

“Ray Benson from Asleep at the Wheel, he’s the king of boogie-woogie, and I’ve always really loved music,” Watson said. “I love it because the boogie-woogie can be so much. It translates into so many other genres.

But it was Ray Benson’s original boogie-woogie vibes that inspired Watson when he wrote “Marshall Boogie” while riding the Amtrak.{iframe title = “YouTube video player” src = “” frameborder = “0” width = “560” height = “315”} {/ iframe}

The song, which is available on Watson’s Youtube channel, features the story of the train depot and the old style of boogie-woogie music, paying homage to the Texan community.

“It was inspired, really, by the people I’ve met here,” Watson said. “I have really met some great and very nice people here in Marshall. Everyone I have met has been so open and welcoming.

It was through working with these people, like Alan Loudermilk, Glen Barnhart with Memorial City Hall, and Daniel Duke with Marshall City Marketing and Tourism, that Watson said he hoped to start a new music festival in Marshall. celebrating the history of boogie. woogie.

He said he hoped to use the Amtrak station to bring people from across the state to come to Marshall and enjoy the music and vibe of a small town, while also supporting the growth Watson said he is seeing. take place downtown.

“There’s always something going on downtown, there’s all this building and these new businesses, it’s really coming back,” Watson said. “I love the idea of ​​having a festival here to celebrate this.”

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