ONCE HUMAN Vocalist offers advice on becoming a metal musician

once human singer lauren hart recently answered a few questions for Consequence of sound on the band’s new album Scar Weaver, as well as any advice she might have on musicians getting into the world of metal. On the latter, Stag suggests that anyone really trying to get out there and make a name for themselves should probably start filming themselves making covers (or originals) and posting them. Hart also offers another key piece of advice, which is “Be really good at your craft.”

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“How I started was I bought a cheap guitar and amp and started filming myself playing, and that’s how I ended up meeting people. people. Internet is great, and bad too. It’s great for connecting with lots of different people in You can upload a video of yourself singing, performing, or doing what you’re doing, and you get a platform and learn by doing it. You also grow as you network.

“The Internet is great for discovering musicians. Big bands, even today, are looking on the Internet for someone to fill the place of a musician. So, film yourself. If you want to be a guitarist, learn the guitar. Get really good at your craft.”

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