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David Taylor, Assistant Professor of Sustainability Studies at Stony Brook University’s School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (SoMAS), will present “Paddling Around Paumanok: A Kayak Trip Around Long Island to Home,” Thursday, February 10 , as part of the “Geek Talk” series hosted by Chris Paparo, Director of SoMAS Marine Sciences Center at Stony Brook Southampton.

Taylor’s speech is a personal account of a three-year paddle day trip around the whole of Long Island, beginning and ending behind his home on the Peconic River. The narrative will feature extensive research into the location, natural history, changes to bays, seas and coastline.

The paddling distance around Long Island is about 300 miles, most within bays and some out to sea. Taylor said the trip allowed him “to learn more about this place, its extent , and in the process of giving me a little myth-making experience.”

Paparo has been hosting local science and nature talks since 2014, and “Geek Talk” takes place every other Thursday night at the übergeek Brewing Company at 400 Hallett Avenue in Riverhead. Start of the festivities at 7 p.m. and start of the conferences at 8 p.m.

Paparo said that for each series, about half of the speakers are, like Taylor, affiliated with Stony Brook University. The talks attract over 100 guests who can sample craft beer and dine on selections from local food trucks. The series has thrived through word of mouth and those who follow Paparo on Instagram at Fish Guy Photos.

Spring 2022 Geek Talk Schedule:

February 10 “Padling around Paumanok”
February 24 “Rocks and Hopes – The Geology of Beer”
March 10 “Journey of Hope – The Irish in New York”
March 24 “Peepers, Salamanders and Fairy Shrimp”
April 7 “Hungry Hungry Humpbacks”
April 21 “Baby Critters and Little Monsters”
May 5 “Like Dracula: do bats hold the key to the fight against old age?”
June 2 “Shark Identification – From Air, Land and Sea”
June 16 “Mysteries of the Montauk Project”
June 30 “Comets, asteroids and near-Earth objects”

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