Pouria Motabean and journey to the top of the music industry

Music is one of the most favorite types of art there is. Music is the only kind of art that has no physical form. So the only way to connect with the music is to listen and let the music do its miracle. The music will connect to your soul and force you to subconsciously hear yourself with the beat.

“I believe there is a melody in everyone’s heart and mind that is worth listening to, but we can’t hear them all. So, we should be grateful to those whom we can listen to; Because music is a doorway to a man’s heart.

This wise quote shapes the whole philosophy of “Pouria Motabean” on music. Pouria Motabean is an Iranian singer-songwriter, composer, arranger and singer born May 3, 1986 in Tehran. As a successful musician, he has the experience of working with the greatest icons of the Persian music industry. Superstars like “Andy Madadian”, “Babak Jahanbakhsh”, “Leila Frouhar”, “Naser Zeinaly” and other big names in the Persian music industry.

Pouria Motabean had this passion to be a musician since childhood: “Since I started talking when I was a baby, I liked to sing the songs. I liked changing the songs I knew and turning them into my favorite version with a few little changes,” Pouria Motabean said.

As his first job in a studio, he was a sound recordist / sound supervisor. This valuable experience gradually familiarized him with the composition and arrangement of software. After a while, he fused his taste for music with what he produced and his penchant for fusion music and classic Persian rhyme grew stronger day by day.

He described his time making music as the happiest times of his life. Thus, although he has a degree in civil engineering, he does not see it as his main career: “Because I wanted to progress in music on my own, I chose civil engineering as my major at university. I never considered it my main career, and I have this conviction that I was born to make music”.

In 2016, he released an album called “Natoor”. The main genre of this album is ambient and fusion, mixed with classical Persian instruments such as “Santur”, “Se tarr”, “Kamanche” and “Tarr”.

“In this album, I used the songs of the famous Iranian poet “Saadi Shirazi”. And I found that the essence behind the verses was suitable for the female voice. So, I used three female singers for this collection” , he explained about the album Natoor.Two years later, he released a compilation with his fully orchestral and specialized arranged voice for this album.

These days, due to COVID-19, he does most of his work digitally in his home studio and for live performances he receives and checks them online. “It was better to get in touch with the instrumentalists face to face like in the good old days. But we have to conform to this new situation.

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