Producer/sound engineer Tom Tierney unifies production with the TASCAM Model 24

Tom Tierney

Brooklyn, New York – April 2022… As a producer, sound engineer and musician running a studio known as Spaceman Sound, in Brooklyn, New York, Tom Tierney’s work covers the full range of challenges faced in audio production. With a long list of credits that includes the biographical documentary Get me Roger Stone (Netflix), the documentary Agents of Chaos (HBO), the television comedy series Yankers cranks (Comedy Central), as well as albums like while they were sleeping by Candiria (Metal Blade Records) and All the others by Slothrust (Bada Bing Records), Tierney knows what it takes to deliver impressive audio production. This statement is reinforced by the fact that in 2018 he won a Cinema Audio Society (CAS) award for HBO’s Rolling Stone: Stories from the Edge. And central to many of his creative endeavors is TASCAM’s Model 24 multitrack live recording console.

Tierney’s work includes a combination of location sound recording and studio work. He described how he uses his TASCAM 24 model: “As an outside sound engineer who is also a music producer, I am often asked to capture a band or performer in a new environment, sometimes with an audience. This requires a portable rig that offers great sound, reliability, quick setup, plenty of inputs, backup recording, and ease of use. The Model 24 puts a rich feature set at your fingertips, without the need for a bunch of external gear. It’s basically a self-contained recording studio.

Tierney discussed the key features that make the Model 24 such a valuable production tool: “When recording a live multitrack performance on location, I use the Model 24 as an interface to my DAW, a mixer and as a linear recorder for backup. The aux inputs are used for monitoring, and I record a live mix with the isolated tracks. The fact that the Model 24 can handle it all makes it a pleasure to work with. The interface lets me produce music in a non-linear workflow while the internal recorder lets me record continuously to the internal SD memory card to make sure I don’t miss a thing. Plus, the Model 24’s analog mixer lets me do zero-latency monitor mixes and rough mixes, which keeps the groove tight and my clients happy.

“For me, the ability to use the Model 24 both as an interface to my DAW and as a linear recorder is its greatest strength, especially for PA work. That way if the laptop freezes or if the DAW recording fails, I can be sure that there is always a running backup.This is very important and saves having to add a second recording system.

In addition to his outdoor sound work, Tierney is equally enthusiastic about using the Model 24 for his compositions and demo work: “The Model 24 makes it so quick and easy to come up with ideas that sound great, with zero latency and without a whole lot. configuration and routing. I feel like I’m writing music faster than ever, and my demos tend to become gatekeeper performances.

Asked about current projects involving his Model 24, Tierney pointed to On Air Fest 2022 (, which features a combination of live stories, music, art, performances, podcasts and listening evenings. Tierney reports, “For this I recorded the entire podcast festival live on Model 24.” He also highlighted the upcoming album by progressive rock band Iced Ink. According to Tierney, “The entire album was recorded live in an A-Frame booth on the Model 24.”

With many electronic music and sound production products, questions inevitably arise. Here too, Tierney had high praise for the customer support services provided by TASCAM: “Every experience I’ve had talking to the TASCAM team has been excellent. The company is full of lovely people with a passion for music and creativity.

Before returning his attention to the business of the day, Tierney offered these parting thoughts regarding his TASCAM experience. “TASCAM has been important to my sound career from the very beginning. My first recorder was a 4-track Portastudio, and that’s how I got hooked! I also use TASCAM portable recorders in my outdoor work, including the DR-100 MKIII, DR-40, and DR-10X. As for the 24 model, I feel like it was designed with an obvious love for the creative process. It works so easily that it increases my efficiency. The Model 24 offers the path of least resistance when you want to capture the initial spark of an idea or the beauty of a live moment. All my TASCAM gear serves me well on a regular basis. I love TASCAM!”

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