Remember when the Christmas Light Festival took over Oxford city center?


Last year, the Oxford Christmas Lights Festival shifted its focus from the city center to local neighborhoods and this will continue this year in four centers across the city.

Here we take a look at the downtown celebrations from 2019.

That year, a giant party invaded the city center, on the theme of “discovery” to mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landings.

Organizers and attendees were lucky as the rain stopped for a lantern parade on Friday evening, with schoolchildren and community groups taking part in the march, which started at the covered market.

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At the same time, the city’s Christmas light and sound installations were turned on.

Lanterns for the parade were made with the help of Fusion Arts, in a series of workshops.

Organizers estimated that more than 425 lanterns were made for the parade, with thousands in attendance.

A festive market on Broad Street offered live music, shows and free activities for revelers.

Other hubs of activity throughout the weekend included Bonn Square and Gloucester Green.

One of the main light installations was Illuminating Oxford in the city center, with works inspired by the university’s museum collection projected onto historic buildings.

Some of the city’s most iconic buildings have joined the festival, including the Natural History Museum which hosted Friday night tours, lectures, activities, music and dancing.

Oxford Mail:

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There was also a sound installation inspired by inspired by astronomy and the anniversary of the first moon landings of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins in 1969.

The installation was triggered by a live performance, accompanied by images of galaxies projected onto buildings.

Oxford Mail:

On Broad Street, a group of large deer puppets called “Ghost Caribou” performed dances for visitors.

The other performers included groups, soloists and choral groups, alongside street dancers, actors and artists.

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Oxford Mail:

Among the street musicians was the Spark drum ensemble! who mesmerized the spectators with their brilliantly lit instruments.

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