Side entry to a command post can cause further problems in Congress


Lateral entry of various professionals into political parties has not been uncommon and all political parties at one point or another have co-opted many professionals, some of them at very high levels, to help stimulate party or party government in the way the leadership might perceive. We have many officials, professionals from various fields and even senior members of the judiciary and defense at various levels of parties and governments and often they have performed extremely well in their given positions and contributed in their own way to the improvement of the quality of service at their respective levels.

But none of them got permission to enter the party to reorganize, reform, or restructure the party to give it a new reimagined perspective, a reshaped texture and a re-energized spirit. Such expectations from “the outside” have in general proven to be counterproductive, making the party leadership uncomfortable and embarrassed. Therefore, while the Congressional High Command believes that the entry of proven poll strategist Prashant Kishor to a level that gives him the proper authority and position to lead and lead fundamental reform change can provide the struggling old party the elixir he so badly needs. new life, many leaders seem quite uncomfortable with the idea. And, therefore, in keeping with the tradition of Congress, some senior leaders must stand up for and demand this.

Former Union Minister, top leader and G23 member Veerappa Moily spoke strongly in favor of poll strategist Prashant Kishor entering Congress and said those who oppose his entry were “anti-reform”. He also added that Sonia Gandhi was already carrying out reforms within the party and that the G23 “had therefore become irrelevant”. Soon, other similar voices might demand Kishor’s entry.

The Congressional High Command had numerous meetings with the entry of Prashant Kishor in which the poll strategist reportedly made numerous presentations, performed various calculations and put forward possible sets of equations in which Congress could play a role. central and pivotal in the creation and then the exploitation of anti-BJP. (read anti-Modi) wave leading him to facilitate the formation of the non-BJP government in 2024. Kishor is also said to have impressed the high command with his study, his understanding, his analysis and his recommendations on the crises and threats the organization is facing. was faced. facing different levels and places.

The Congressional High Command is visibly surrounded by deep turmoil and insurmountable problems. The list is endless and grows every day from indiscipline and dissension to defections and rebellion in at least three states – Punjab, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan – coupled with marked indecision and apathy at the siege. The elections are getting closer by the day and Congress just doesn’t know where to start. He really needs the shots. The high command thinks that a stranger’s voice may be more audible as there is a lot of chaos inside and therefore they have become inaudible.

It is reported that the Congressional High Command is so impressed with the positivity, practicality and imminence of Kishor’s thought that he is very anxious to see Prashant step in and move forward with the Dream Project. . He resigned from his post as advisor to the chief minister of the Punjab, paving the way for his coveted welcome to the party’s high position. What apparently preoccupies the high command is not Prashant’s entry into the party – which can happen too easily – but the position and authority that could be attributed to him and, more importantly, his acceptability by the first members of the party.

One of the general secretaries being in charge of the organization? The chairman or moderator of a high-power committee reporting to the chairman of the ACEC? Or can a back office boy just put himself in the shoes of the late Ahmed Patel?

Prashant Kishor is a skilled political strategist and has a strong grip on the political demands of the day, is able to create a narrative and wave of it and ensure the leader floats on the wave of victory. But then he needs a role model for that which needs an army like discipline around him. He is not a mass leader and apparently he was not seen as possessing the potential to lead from the front lines. Critics also believe he has selected his clients too selectively by focusing only on potential winners.

Even though Prashant Kishor has overwhelming success in managing electoral politics, the experience of Congress is contradictory. While this was exceptional for the Punjab, it was a disaster in UP and it’s rather too hard to ignore or forget part of the story. Bihar also has the same say. While 2015 was the celebrated success, its 2020 slogan for ‘Baat Bihar Ki‘promising ten lakhs of young people in a hundred days and making Bihar one of the ten best states in the country has just failed without even taking off.

Given the political importance of UP, its history is regularly circulated. Further, his falling out with Nitish Kumar’s JD (U) in such a short period of time and how and how this happened is also being discussed by congressional leaders. How could a person who could not take a regional party with him despite the full support of the undisputed supremo of the party who explicitly made him number two only next to him, fit into such a huge organization with postures diverse and sometimes contradictory? – they ask.

Former UP Congress President Raj Babbar had declared that Prashant Kishor was only a good “sound recordist” managing and regulating only sound clips. “He’s not my boss; my boss is Rahul Gandhi ‘- he said. This is the main problem with Congress today, when the mandates of the high command also do not carry the weight they once carried. Prashant Kishor, most likely, would not be blindly followed and obeyed by the leaders of the big old party.

The high command seems to believe in Prashant’s theory of Project-2014 political mathematics as well as in his Congressional Stimulus Plan. The leaders of Congress, however, are sharply divided not over Prashant’s entry but over his intended position of leadership in the party. They don’t see anything unique in his ideas. Many leaders – with intelligence and wisdom superior to others – feel that the high command should instead implement much of the recommendations they have made instead of trying to find them somewhere outside of it. ‘organization. The Congress does not lack “modern political knowledge” or “leaders to bring about reforms” in the party.

The entry of Prashant and his perceived role in the party has become a complex question. Early party advisers, in general, would be against the very idea of ​​Prashant’s entry and his back-office role as well. Some of these leaders, like Moily, may continue to demand this to please Sonia-Rahul, but hardly any of them are prepared to even imagine receiving orders from “this so-called strategist”.

A Congress in the midst of a crisis may not be ready for this sensitive side entry because it can give rise to other problems that it is about to solve. But there have always been unique ways of working for the Congressional High Command. He has been in a mode of making excuses for making unusual decisions in order to avoid tackling real issues. Even Prasant Kishor’s entry and the perceived effect of it would depend on understanding these real issues, which Congress seems to fail to recognize. He must first accept that the mere presence of a doctor never guarantees a cure unless he has the will and also the means to afford and follow the recommended treatment.



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