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His latest album, ‘Reflection’, which we worked on for a few months in 2020, is one of the best electronic albums of the year. Much of the project looks inward, and James’ self-awareness of how his music can sound to some is growing. “I like to take small instances – small pieces of the song – and just change them, and sort of just surprise listeners,” James tells me about the use of glitch in his tracks, as well as bouncing bass drums, strange percussion elements and calm vocal lines that create alien sounds and rhythms that seem impossible. But she is also careful not to make her music too impenetrable. “I don’t want to take away from the song itself, I don’t want to slaughter it too much,” she said. “That’s what I might do in a live performance, but for a song, I want you to like it at least a little bit, you know? “

The soundscapes she creates are also enriched through the tracklist through collaborations with a number of artists, including LE3 BLACK, Eden samara and Ice Cream Boy Violet. His talent for re-imagining what exists and merging genres is present throughout ‘Reflection’. James tells me that she spent much of the last year listening to boring music, and the snares and clicking hi-hat typical of the audible sound on ‘Black Ting’, with Le3 bLACK, are one example. fantastic from James blending mellow synth melodies with fast drum drill styles. “I don’t want to do a Tion Wayne type beat! I knew it wouldn’t happen, even if I tried, ”she says.

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James tells me that she wrote down a few different musical tracks that she wanted to borrow with ‘Reflection’, although she notes that her process is much messier than carefully thought out stylistic choices. “I wrote ‘R & B-ish’, and I wrote ‘Erika De Casier-inspired-ish.’ That’s what I wrote before I started. And then the first two songs I did, I think, were “Let’s Go” and “We’re Building Something New.” So not what I do. I wrote! I was like, whatever, let me do what I feel.

“I never really know where a project will take shape,” she adds. “I need a few songs, maybe a dozen songs, so that I can put it all together. “

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