SPA survey suggests production boom is driving skills shortages


With an unprecedented level of production underway across the country, local producers are reporting increased difficulties in the crew and are facing increased crew rates.

That’s according to a recent Screen Producers Australia (SPA) survey, conducted through its members to paint a picture of the challenges that have resulted from the wave of inbound productions flocking to Australia.

Producers have reported crew shortages across Australia, given the number of simultaneous shoots and international productions.

Of the 41 respondents, 80 percent reported crew difficulties, with two-thirds also reporting that it was the most significant challenge facing their business in the short term.

Of those surveyed, 95% reported an increase in costs. The average increase was 24 percent, with some costs as high as 75 percent.

Roles with the greatest reported shortages include 1st AD, Line Producers, Production Accountants, Art Directors, Cameramen, Gaffers, Grips, DOPs, and VFX Artists.

Some of these shortages probably existed before the boom and have only worsened. For example, Moneypenny CEO Jane Corden warned that there were not enough line producers, production accountants and accounting assistants to serve the industry since early 2019.

(Image courtesy of SPA)

The SPA suggested that the findings highlight an opportunity for government and screening agencies to help expand training and skills development capacities, including on-the-job training.

“While the current employment conditions are a boon to jobs and our world-class teams, there is a tangible effect on local productions and local production companies who strive to maintain sustainability in economic conditions. difficult, ”said Matthew, CEO of SPA. Dean.

“These are the companies that will once again become the main source of employment for the teams once the tide of international productions returns to normal levels.”

Roles for which growers have reported shortages include:

  • 1st assistant director
  • 2nd assistant director
  • Animator
  • Archives researcher
  • Artistic department
  • Assistant editor
  • Camera operators
  • Director of Photography / DOP
  • Continuity
  • Costume Department
  • Gaffers
  • Handles
  • Executive producer
  • Location manager
  • Post Director
  • Manufacturing Accountant
  • Production designer
  • Production office
  • Security officer
  • Script editor
  • Scenario supervisor
  • Series producer
  • Director of shooting
  • Sound recorder
  • Supervision of the artistic director
  • Unit
  • VFX

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