Stevie Nicks thought this musician “had the best ass ever”

Stevie Nicks has dated several musicians and collaborated with some of the biggest names in her genre. Of all these people, one person stands out from her for her physical qualities. While working on a greatest hits compilation from her solo career, Nicks met an artist to collaborate on a new song. Although she was not a fan of the final product, she loved the young musician.

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Stevie Nicks has quit Fleetwood Mac after a row over his solo career

In 1990, Nicks was preparing to release a greatest hits compilation from his solo album. She was hoping to include the song “Silver Springs” on the album because it had been relegated to the B-side of the Rumors album. She hoped more exposure for the song would allow her to give the proceeds to her mother.

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Unfortunately, Mick Fleetwood wanted to record the song for a Fleetwood Mac album. He told Nicks unequivocally that she could have it for her solo career over her dead body. After years of fighting for the song, Nicks had had enough. She left Fleetwood Mac in 1991 and began to seriously work on her solo career.

She met Jon Bon Jovi while making a solo album

Nicks’ label didn’t just want a greatest hits compilation; they also wanted new songs. She teamed up with Jon Bon Jovi to write “Sometimes It’s a B****”. Nicks wasn’t a fan of the song or its use of a swear word, but her record label won her over. The song flopped.

“I was told at the beginning of [1992] that if I didn’t do a Jon Bon Jovi song, my career was over,” she told Vox, per Genius. “I have no reason to hate Jon Bon Jovi. He wrote me a song, it was a very wonderful thing to do. I knew that just me singing this kind of song was not going to please a lot of my fans, which I’m not. But the industry, management, record labels and everybody told me that if I didn’t do it and reach that new audience, my career would just be, well, completely over. They put all the pressure you could put on, they scared me to death. So I did the song, and is it a hit song? No that is not.”

Although she wasn’t happy with the outcome of the collaboration, Nicks couldn’t complain about Bon Jovi.

“He was nice to all the ladies,” Nicks said, according to the book Gold Dust Woman: The Biography of Stevie Nicks by Stephen Davis, “and he had the best ass ever.”

Stevie Nicks also enjoyed working with Bret Michaels

Nicks also collaborated with Bret Michaels on “Love’s a Hard Game to Play”. The two connected surprisingly well, and Nicks had a much better time recording this song.

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“This song was brought to me just two weeks ago by a most amazing young man,” she said. “One of those men who has everything… beauty, sensitivity, warmth and a love of life that I haven’t seen in a long time. I recorded his song, singing it to him at the best of my ability… hoping people would love the song as much as we loved making it.

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