Superheroes of Nature” for ARTE

Pernel Media has been commissioned by ARTE GEIE to produce a new documentary mini-series on nature and science and a first-rate one-off on the butterfly’s extraordinary abilities.

Butterflies: superheroes of nature (3 x 52 mins/1 x 52 mins) examines the insect’s incredible abilities, including its ability to fly thousands of miles, survive in extreme environments, and change shape and color. Butterflies can thrive in any ecosystem, from the hottest to the coldest or the driest to the most humid. They are also very adept at hiding from predators.

Using new technologies, scientists will reveal butterflies’ “superpowers” and present insects in a new light and in a fresh, accessible format. The series will be shot in South America, Northern and Southern Europe and Africa.

Butterflies: superheroes of nature was commissioned by Christian Cools and Nadine Zwick for ARTE GEIE The executive producers for Pernel Media are Céline Payot Lehmann and Samuel Kissous. International distribution outside France and Germany will be handled by Off The Fence.

“Butterflies are considered beautiful, enchanting and fragile, but they have conquered all continents. Using stunning graphics and offering comparisons between butterflies and the codes of superhero culture, Pernel Media offers viewers a fresh take on natural history,” said Céline Payot Lehmann, International Executive Producer at Pernel. Media in a press release.

Loren Baxter, Head of Acquisitions for Off the Fence, added: “It’s not often that we get a closer look at these wondrous and intelligent creatures, and this series aims to dive deep into the science behind what makes them such a part. life of our planet.. This, combined with beautiful filming techniques and Pernel’s track record of fresh storytelling and styling, will make it a hit with our international clients.

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