Tascam takes off at Spaceman Sound

Tom Tierney, sound engineer and CAS award-winning musician, uses Tascam’s Model 24 multitrack live recording console.

Posted: 04/28/2022

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CAS Award-winning recording engineer and musician Tom Tierney at Spaceman Sound.

Brooklyn, NY (April 28, 2022) – Brooklyn-based recording engineer and musician Tom Tierney uses Tascam’s Model 24 multitrack live recording console to handle projects both in the field and in his studio, Spaceman Sound.

Tierney’s credits include the biographical documentary Get me Roger Stone (Netflix), the documentary Agents of Chaos (HBO), the television comedy series Yankers cranks (Comedy Central), as well as albums like while they were sleeping by Candiria and All the others by Slothrust. It won a Cinema Audio Society Award for HBO Rolling Stone: Stories from the Edge in 2018.

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“As an on-site sound engineer and also a music producer, I’m often asked to capture a band or performer in a new environment, sometimes with an audience,” says Tierney. “That requires a portable rig that offers great sound, reliability, quick setup, plenty of inputs, backup recording, and ease of use. The Model 24 puts a rich feature set at your fingertips, without the need for a bunch of outboard gear.It’s essentially a standalone recording studio.

“When recording a live multitrack performance on location, I use the Model 24 as an interface to my DAW, a mixer, and as a linear recorder for backup,” Tierney continues. “The aux inputs are used for monitoring, and I record a live mix with the isolated tracks. The fact that the Model 24 can handle it all makes it a pleasure to work with. The interface lets me produce music in a non-linear workflow while the internal recorder lets me record continuously to the internal SD memory card to make sure I don’t miss a thing. Plus, the Model 24’s analog mixer lets me do zero-latency monitor mixes and rough mixes, which keeps the groove tight and my clients happy.

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