The ultimate days in Britain to beat the January blues

January has always had a bad press. The month was named after the two-headed Roman god, Janus, and those backslid eyes have always had the unfair advantage of seeing all that fun and laughter vanish over a lost horizon.

But looking to the future – with or without a mask – is much more constructive than looking back with nostalgia. Instead, blacken your rearview mirror and take a clear look at the beautiful fields of promise that await you.

Across Britain, that means you can take your pick from festivals of light, music and film, vegan feasts, delicious mocktails, birthdays and historic exhibits, starry nights looking up at the sky. through high powered telescopes and comedy shows. January is synonymous with new opportunities, new projects, new challenges, new ideas to stimulate and entertain. It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for you. And you feel good!

Laugh to get out of January in Bristol

Try not to die laughing at the Slapstick Festival in Bristol, which is back for its 18th edition. Attracting new audiences for silent and visual comedy, the festival celebrates the slapstick of the silent era of cinema (1895-1930) with live and online events at four venues around Bristol.

Appearances of modern descendants of the slapstick era include Bill Oddie, Barry Cryer, Sally Phillips, and Ronni Ancona. David Mitchell, the comedian, writer and actor, will also make his Slapstick debut in the popular Top Comedy Moments installment. During the show, David will showcase his favorite and most influential comedy moments on screen with host Matthew Sweet. About a third of Slapstick events will be broadcast live.

The details: Full pass (26 events) £ 186; Silent Comedy Pass (17 events) £ 92; individual events from £ 4. Jan 26-30 (

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