Twitch announces new program to support musicians


Twitch has announced a new program that aims specifically to support musicians on its streaming platform.

The program, called The Collective, is a program that will bring together selected musicians in collectives by invitation only (hence the name). From there, they will receive support on how to build communities and make money from fans on the streaming platform.

Breaking the news on Twitter, Chief Music Officer and Vice President of Twitch, Tracy Patrick Chan, explained how the program will support musicians of all genres, formats and career stages.

In an interview with BillboardChan explained that “there are a lot of things that can make musicians successful on Twitch, but we’ve heard from many musicians that it can be perceived as difficult to get started on Twitch.”

Continuing, she explained that Twitch “really wanted to form a program to make sure creators are successful” on the service.

Through The Collective, musicians will be trained in the basics of streaming, as well as building communities and monetizing the process. Twitch is currently keen to find artists who are looking to stream regularly as well as uplift other members of the community.

Once a musician graduates from the program, things get even more impressive. They will be eligible for Twitch Priority Discovery, Promotion and Activations, as well as through Partners Rolling Stone and Amazon Music.

Interested musicians can check out everything The Collective has to offer on their dedicated site.

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