Watch Guns N ‘Roses play’ Hard Skool ‘live for the first time


Guns N ‘Roses performed their new song “Hard Skool” live for the first time while touring at the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore. You can see some fan footage from the concert below.

“It’s something about lower education,” proclaimed leader Axl Rose before hitting the trail for the first time.

The performance of “Hard Skool” follows the live debut and subsequent release of “Absurd”, Guns N ‘Roses’ first track starring Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan since their 1994 cover of “Sympathy for the Devil “from the Rolling Stones. “

Much like “Absurd” – which is a reworked version of the unreleased song “Silkworms” – “Hard Skool” dates back to Chinese democracy sessions. This last track arguably has a more “vintage” GN’R sound, with swaggering guitar riffs and a catchy chorus that features Rose moaning in her upper register. A snippet of the track was leaked in 2006, and the full song was leaked in 2019 after GNR superfan Rick Dunsford bought a storage unit filled with unreleased digital recordings belonging to former A&R executive Tom Zutaut. , who signed Guns N ‘Roses to Geffen Records.

The band’s management quickly bought the recordings from Dunsford, but the material still leaked online. Dunsford claims he did not disclose the material, but said he had always been banned from Guns N ‘Roses shows “pretty much for the rest of my life.” GNR finally released its updated studio version of “Hard Skool” earlier this week.

Watch Guns N ‘Roses play “Hard Skool”

Prior to their live debut, several videos of Guns N ‘Roses’ “Hard Skool” surfaced online, most recently ahead of the band’s August 16 concert in Chicago.

While “Hard Skool” and “Absurd” can both be released now, they will also receive physical distribution. Guns N ‘Roses has announced that the tracks will be part of their upcoming CD, vinyl and cassette releases. While fans are no doubt happy to have material from the band, there is still no word on a full new album. In April 2020, Duff McKagan’s wife, Susan Holmes McKagan, said Guns N ‘Roses had “worked meticulously on new things that kill.” A few months earlier, Slash had also said: “There are things going on [with new music], but there are no details. “

Listen to the studio version of ‘Hard Skool’

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Few bands have made an impact on rock ‘n’ roll like they have, and even fewer have withstood so many changes.

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