Who was Yoko Ono married to before John Lennon?


Yoko Ono was in a complicated marriage with American filmmaker Anthony Cox. They met in 1961 when Cox flew to Tokyo in specific search of the artist, according to a 1986 People report. He stumbled across his work in an anthology and decided to find the woman behind, the detailed report. Cox found Ono in a mental hospital where she was recovering from a mental illness, according to People.

They married in November 1962, but the union was called off in March 1963 because her divorce from Japanese composer and pianist Toshi Ichiyanagi had not been finalized, according to the Beatles Bible. Ono and Cox correctly remarried on June 11 of this year, less than two months before the birth of their daughter Kyoko Ono Cox on August 8, 1963, as stated in William Baker’s 2014 book “The Beatles Encyclopedia: Everything Fab Four. “

According to Baker, Ono and Cox’s relationship was tumultuous from the start and included a “knife fight” that had to be broken up by a friend. By the time she met John Lennon in 1966, their marriage was for the most part over, but they did not officially divorce until 1969, as court documents shared on Court auditor shows, the year she married Lennon. Ono and Lennon sent Cox a greeting card in 1968 informing him that she had collected her belongings from the house she shared with Cox, according to Vanity Fair. A few years later, Cox disappeared with their daughter.

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